Trips and special events

As well as our local walks/trips, we like to take the children out on special trips and arrange special events each term.

Here are some of our trips and events in the last year

December 2016


We celebrated the end of term with a party for the children, full of games and fun.

Then we finished with a visit from Father Christmas all the way from Lapland to give the children their Christmas presents.

Spring Term 2016

With quite a few new children in the first half of the term, we spent time 'bonding' as a group and learning to make new friends.
As we return from Half-term, we have had a special delivery........eggs that we can care for and watch grow into chicks! This is causing great excitement amongst children, parents and staff. We hope to post some pictures soon!!
We got our eggs from

Summer Term 2016

We had several local trips out to get to know our local area......our children are so well-behaved when we take them out! However I think if you asked the children they would say the highlight was our visits from "Football Revolution"....who specialise in football skills for the under 5's and incorporate social skills and listening skills.
The term ended with one of our amazing Sport/Games day with lots of fun for children parents and staff!!

Autumn 2017
This term we started to extend our hours to meet the needs of the 30 hours scheme. This enabled us to offer even more flexible hours to parents and children.
By popular demand we had Football Revolution back for more sessions.
For part of our Christmas events we are taking children to Kassiopi Cove in Erith and will be having a Disco with games on party day.....just before we have arranged for Father Christmas to's going to be fun fun fun!!!